Doppler Dave is probably one of Amarillo's most iconic figures, acting as the chief meteorologist for NewsChannel 10 in Amarillo since 1987. In his thirty-six years as one of Amarillo's most well-known and loved meteorologists, Dave has become pretty well-known throughout the Panhandle.

But recently a video shared on NewsChannel 10 Facebook stirred some talk among commenters over whether  Dave's left arm has gone missing.

In the short two-minute video, Dave is atop a raft in Lake Geneva located in Montreux, Switzerland. In the video, he gives viewers a quick look at the Swiss mountains and speaks about it but something seems to be off in the video upon first viewing.

As commenters on this post were quick to point out, Dave's left arm appears as if it were missing. Many began to question the whereabouts of the arm that went mysteriously missing in this video. This mystery produced more discussion about Dave's arm than the actual topic of the video.


          Ummm, where’s your arm Dave?
          DannynAshlee Orand


Am I crazy, or did he have both of his arms yesterday?

Promise Garrison


Beautiful video but everyone is worried about your arm

Jeanne Sternenberg


Viewing the video myself, it's pretty easy to see how someone would think that Dave's arm had gone missing considering that his left arm is absent throughout the entire video. Add that on top of the fact that his left arm looks like it is not there at first glance in another post, and it's understandable how some might think he is missing an arm.

Take a Close Look

But it doesn't take but a second, more close look to reveal that Dave's left arm is not missing, but positioned behind his back. You can even check his Facebook and find more recent posts, which showcase that his arm is completely intact.


As to why he chose to stow away his arm behind his back is a mystery, but there's no question that it's definitely still there. Hopefully, this can soothe the concerns of any Doppler Dave devotees.

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