Detroit is widely regarded as America's most dangerous city. Things aren't getting better there with a couple of news items making the rounds.

On Christmas in Detroit an ambulance responding to a call in one of the city's more crime ridden areas broke down.  It was unable to continue the call.

As the paramedics set in the ambulance waiting for a tow, gunfire was erupting all around them.  One of the paramedics shot a short video.  In it you can hear gunfire all around the vehicle.  It sounds like something from Iraq or Afghanistan.

And another story out today from Detroit is amazingly even more disturbing.  Beginning Monday all Detroit Police precincts and district offices will be closed to the pubic from 4pm to 8am the next day.

The move is intended to get more officers from behind desks and on the streets.  Just don't try to make any citizen's arrest during the night.


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