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Just last year, grocery store workers were deemed 'essential' while we were in lockdown.  Why haven't they been vaccinated yet? I mean, grocery store workers come in contact with more people than in any profession.  Here is an example of why I think grocery store employees need to be vaccinated.

As reported by KTXS 12 ABC in Abeline,  Jackie Ryan at Kroger was helping a customer with self check out at a Kroger in Cedar Hill.  An elderly woman asked for help finding canned pumpkin. While Ryan pointed her in the right direction, the woman mentioned that she had been feeling sick. After Ryan helped her and her son pay for their groceries, the woman suddenly collapsed.

The woman was taken to the hospital by ambulance.  While overhearing the first responders question the woman, Ryan discovered that she had been sick for over two months and received a COVID-19 test earlier that same day.

Ryan had no way of knowing what the results of that test were but was very concerned about possibly being exposed to COVID-19.   I am sure many other grocery store workers have been exposed in ways similar to this.

As the vaccine came to fruition the CDC and Prevention's Advisory Committee on Immunizations practices urged states to include front-line essential workers in phase 1B of vaccine allocation.  However, Texas did not include any essential employees such as grocery store workers.  This means grocery store workers who are continuously exposed to the virus have no protection.

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