Amarillo's Paramount Street has undergone a stunning metamorphosis, as the recent torrential rains have transformed parts of Amarillo into watery wonderlands. The recent rain has caused flooding in various parts of the city, with Paramount Street becoming one of the affected areas. Currently blocked off for safety reasons, the street now serves as an unexpected habitat for a group of geese, and other aquatic animals adding an enchanting touch to the surreal scene.

As rainfall continued to pour down on Amarillo, water levels surged, overwhelming drainage systems and submerging thoroughfares. Paramount Street, known for its bustling activity, found itself under several inches of water, rendering it impassable for vehicles. Authorities swiftly cordoned off the street, prioritizing public safety amidst the ongoing flood situation.

However, amid the disruptions caused by the flooding, an unexpected sight emerged – a group of geese making Paramount Street their temporary home. These feathered residents, perhaps drawn to the newfound expanse of water, have taken advantage of the flooded street, paddling gracefully and exploring their unconventional surroundings. Their presence serves as a reminder of nature's ability to adapt and find solace even in the most unusual circumstances.

The images captured in photographs showcase the extraordinary sight of Paramount Street submerged in water, with the geese adding a touch of whimsy to the scene. These creatures navigate the flooded street with ease, seemingly taking advantage of what we humans would see as an inconvenience.

While the flooding on Paramount Street may cause inconveniences for residents and businesses, it also is a funny reminder that the perspective of bad situations like this can be shifted depending on how you look at it. Because if you're a goose, this is an absolute win.

Paramount Under Water

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