Forget about fake news. Fake ads may be the new trend in politics.

A campaign video for Greg Knight, a Conservative candidate for a local race in Britain, is generating some serious buzz because people can't believe it's real.

This is hardly a typical slick looking campaign ad. For starters, the camera is shaky. Then, there's a staffer who somehow is in the frame when the spot starts. The real head-scratching moment, though, begins at the 34-second mark when the jingle starts against the backdrop of '80s cable access graphics. Check out the lyrics:

You’ll get accountability with Conservative delivery,

Make sure this time you get it right, vote for Greg Knight

Knight says the clip is totally real. "It's a bit of fun," he told BuzzFeed. "Politics is a serious business...Some people hate it and some people like it. It's quite a catchy pop music. The point is it got noticed."

He may have a point. Considering the tense times we live in and the fact Britain has been dealing with terrorist activity in recent weeks, an ad like this may actually resonate with people. Then again, it may not. We'll know after the election.

The video has generated so much buzz that it inspired this campaign song in Knight's honor:

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