After watching Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and witnessing the awesome Rocket Raccoon kick some serious bad-guy behinds, a burning desire ignited within me—a desire to own a pet raccoon. I couldn't help but imagine myself roaming the streets of Amarillo with a tiny raccoon perched on my shoulder, ready to pounce on evildoers with its adorable yet fierce demeanor.

And so, fueled by curiosity, I spent way too much time researching an answer to my question of whether I could own a raccoon. And the answer surprised me.

My Sad Discovery

Sadly, according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, keeping a raccoon as a pet is illegal unless you are a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. So unless you're moonlighting as a raccoon whisperer or dream of opening a raccoon rehab center, keeping your raccoon-loving aspirations in check is best.

But fear not, animal enthusiasts. While raccoons may be off-limits, plenty of other legal pet options, like armadillos, prairie dogs, or even a roadrunner. Just be sure to check the local regulations before adopting your new furry, feathered, or scaly friend.

So, folks, if you had any ambitions to start an intergalactic superhero team with a furry mascot, I am sorry for being the messenger of the disappointing news.

But thankfully, there are so many more weird pet options that Amarillo has to offer, so there is always that. After all, who needs a mischievous raccoon when you can have a pet armadillo to ride into the Amarillo sunset?

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