The combination of high temperatures and lack of rain has created a perfect environment for fires.

The Randall County Sheriff's Office has issued a burn ban for Randall County, effective immediately. The burn ban will be in review after 90 days or sooner if there's rain.

A burn ban is a temporary restriction of fire. It is illegal to build campfires, burn trash, or do any other kind of outdoor burning. Grilling is still allowed.

Burn bans are pretty common in Randall County. They've had at least three burn bans during the past year, even though the severe drought ended.

One of the worst factors for the Texas Panhandle when it comes to fire danger is the wind. A small fire can easily turn into an uncontrolled blaze when the wind gets up to 30 miles per hour.

We've also experienced several weeks of 100-degree-plus days and rainfall has been too low to make up for the scorching temperatures.

For more information about the burn ban, you can visit the Randall County Sheriff's Office website.