In a concerning turn of events, a bomb threat unfolded yesterday on  Sunday, June 25th, at the Walmart located off Grand Street and I-40 in Amarillo. The incident, which occurred around 9:00 p.m. in the evening, has received little media attention and remains unacknowledged by the Amarillo Police Department's social media outlets. The lack of information surrounding the incident has left some in confusion and concern.

The situation came to light through a Facebook post shared by an individual who was present inside the Walmart during the evacuation. Their post read, "Just evacuated Walmart on Grand... anybody heard anything???" followed by "idk we were shopping and they came around evacuating everyone, including employees. I asked, but security wouldn't tell me other than 'yes, we are in danger, get out.' S****s wild."

An anonymous source was able to confirm that this was indeed a bomb threat that took place yesterday.

Considering that the situation did not turn disastrous, it it safe to assume that the situation was handled without any harm done to anyone involved.

The absence of official updates or statements regarding the bomb threat is troubling. Social media platforms have become integral in disseminating information during emergencies such as these, making the silence deafening from the Amarillo Police Department or any other possible outlets.

This is not the first time that a Walmart in Amarillo has faced a bomb threat either. In July 2016, the APD responded to a similar situation at a Walmart on Georgia and I-27 due to a threat from a caller. Thankfully the threat was false, but the situation left many people uneasy.

As the community awaits answers, the incident at the Amarillo Walmart serves as a reminder of the significance of reliable information and the need for swift action in response to threats.

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