If you use Craigslist but aware of a scam targeting our area.

Craigslist is popular both in Amarillo and across the country.  People sell anything and everything on the site. Unfortunately some people also use the site to scam victims of money.

Amarillo is not immune to the scams.  There is currently an ad for a rental house available.  When the seller is contacted they claim to be on a mission to Africa and require a large cash deposit be sent through the mail.

Although the ad looks legitimate, the rental property in question is already inhabited by a resident that has no knowledge of the sale.

The ad has since been flagged on the site.  The police are aware of the issue but can find nothing to prosecute the scam artist with.  Apparently it isn't against the law to post a false Craigslist ad.

As always, buyer beware especially on Craigslist.