On the sides of intersections in Amarillo, we definitely get many individuals asking for spare change in many ways. Some simply ask, others wave, and many hold up signs that indicate to nearby drivers that they are in need for money.

While its always good to be generous from time to time, even when you don't one hundred percent know what your money is being used for, it's nice when the person asking for money gives back. Of course not financially, but the gratitude and thanks given from people who are less fortunate can warm the hearts of anyone with a generous heart.

And then you have those who like to give back a little fun.

Anthony Hernandez, TSM
Anthony Hernandez, TSM
Anthony Hernandez, TSM
Anthony Hernandez, TS

If you've passed by I-40 and Western or any other intersections around Amarillo chances are you've seen this pretty entertaining dude with a two-faced sign that reads out the challenge "Bet you can't hit me with a quarter" on one end and "Smile" on the other, presumably for people who accept the challenge.

He's a very friendly individual and if his sign doesn't bring a smile to your face, he's demonstrated that he knows some pretty rad dance moves that can impress even the most stiff-faced.

While another person possibly being in need or in any kind of rough spot in life is nothing to laugh at or make light of, it's definitely nice to see that this man is in high spirits and is out to get some quarters, smiles and some more.

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