Best Buy employees across the country got unsettling news today with word that the big box electronics retailer plans to close 50 stores this year.

I was last in Best Buy two and a half years ago.  I purchased a small flat screen TV to replace the monitor for my PC.  It was another typical trip to Best Buy.

Every time I visit the Amarillo store I'm immediately overcome by the stench of rancid body order.  It seems to emanate from the back of the store.  I suspect the night stockers.  With all due respect guys, we know hygiene is necessary to your job but give us a break!  Somebody really needs to fumigate that store.  If they don't hurry soon they may not get the chance.

Best Buy is beginning to see the end of its big box business model and is attempting to diversify and adapt.  A better online store and radical new tests stores are on the way.  Best Buy will also close 50 stores.  Hopefully Amarillo isn't on the list.

Best Buy reported a $1.7 billion loss for the fourth quarter which ended March 3rd.

That really stinks!


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