Ah breakfast. It's the one meal per day that "experts" tell you not to skip.

However, we have a tendency to find ourselves skipping it often for that extra 10-15 minutes of sleep.

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Ok, maybe that's just me. I know though it's a thing for a lot of you as well. Maybe it's not the sleep you're trying to get, you just don't have the time to make yourself a proper breakfast and cereal just doesn't do it.

So you hop in the car and start your trek to work or school, but your stomach is telling you it's not a good idea. You need SOMETHING, but you don't want to settle or spend a lot of time getting it.

There are a lot of different restaurants in Amarillo, but where can you get the best on-the-go breakfast? Here are a few I came up with. Tell me if you agree or if I'm missing something.


So obviously they're a bagel place, right? They're more than just bagels. They might have one of the best breakfast burritos in town, and it's a monster. You won't need to eat lunch once you've grabbed one of these.

However, if you're still wanting to indulge in the flavor, but not a monster burrito, you have to check out the breakfast tacos.


Looking for something light and fluffy? Then Girasol is your place. Loaded up with some of the best pastries in the biz, Girasol will get your day started off with something sweet and light. Grab yourself a coffee as well as they make some of the best in Amarillo.


Looking for a good kolache? Then look no more. Rise & Shine is going to do exactly that with their selection of kolaches. I didn't even know what a kolache was until I moved to Texas, and I fell in love with them in Austin.

I highly recommend a ham kolache. Something about them that just makes my mouth water.

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The items are available year round, but make sure you're grabbing breakfast items and lunch items during those respective times.

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