Three girls were left alone in their home without access to basic necessities for days.

According to a report from San Antonio Express News, Lorraine Sue Garza, 45, was arrested on June 18th and charged with two counts of abandoning a child.

Garza is the adoptive mother of three girls ages 11,13, and 15. The girls told police that their mother left them home on June 3 and never returned. Garza possessed the only cell phone in the family, and the girls were unable to contact her. On May 21, approximately two weeks before their mother left, the water was shut off due to non-payment reports News4SanAntonio.

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Shortly after their mother left, the girls turned to a neighbor for help. The food in the refrigerator was spoiled and rotten, and the girls needed to bathe. For more than a week, a neighbor let the girls shower and eat in her home and then alerted police.

When officers inspected the home, they found the deplorable conditions the girls were subjected to. The home had a "strong odor of spoiled or rotten food or trash," and there was a multitude of roaches, flies, ants, and other bugs. Dirty clothes were strewn across the home, and the floor was lined with trash and animal feces.

The temperature outside was 98 degrees, but the home seemed to be much hotter with no working A/C. The oldest daughter informed police that her sisters slept in her room on the floor with her because it was the only room with a ceiling fan. During her interview with police, the oldest daughter also requested they carry on their conversation outside due to the unbearable heat in the home.

Four days later, Garza was located and arrested. Garza's bail was set at $30,000 and she was released on a $3,000 bond. Thankfully, the Texas Department of Family and Adult Protective Services removed the children from the home, but who knows what they experienced beforehand?

Also, why do the worst ones always smile in their mugshot? So creepy!

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