It's been a worrisome time in the radio business, especially for folks in it like me.  But a new survey from Arbitron shows things are on the up.

Looking at it from a listening perspective, I use radio everyday.  Be it enjoying Glenn Beck on my own 940, Jim Rome on competitor 1440 or the Dallas Cowboys, radio for me is not just a job, its entertainment, information and more.

Unlike print media which seemingly has a more natural path to the online world, radio's spot in the new media has been somewhat uncertain.  It was believed satellite radio, the iPod and the internet would signal a depressing time like what has unfolded in the print arena.

But not so.  Radio is doing and will continue to do an incredible job of adapting.  From streaming stations to top-notch web and mobile presences radio is transitioning well to the new age.  Much better than print has accomplished.

According to a survey released today by Arbitron 241.3 million Americans listen to radio at least one a week.  That's 93% of adults over the age of 12.  Truly incredible.

Thanks for listening.  And stay tuned!


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