Remember the good old days when Netflix was pretty much the only streaming service around? Sure, you had HBO Go, FOX Sports Go and others, but those required cable subscriptions.

Netflix ruled the streaming empire with old television hits, movies and original shows. Then Hulu came around and most thought, 'well, if we're paying for one service, two won't be so bad.' Combined, those two services have everything I would want to watch.

Those were the days.

A recent survey was released reporting that Texans spend an average of $49.46/month on streaming services. Texas placed in the top 10 of states when it came to paying the most for streaming services.

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Streaming services combined maybe cost about $20 per month just a few years ago. But not anymore. Now your old favorite shows are off Netflix and on Peacock, HBOMax, or CBS All Access or Disney+.

In order to see everything you want via streaming service, you would have to subscribe to: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, Apple TV, Peacock, CBS All Access, Showtime and Starz. And all of those have a price.

The streaming wars that we now see mean that it's not as cheap as it used to be to cut the cord and just stream away. We recently ditched Netflix at our home. They have some decent original programs, but not enough to keep us paying month after month. At some point, you'd think one of these streaming programs would fold and be bought up by another. But right now, the streaming wars continue, and the consumers are paying for it.

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