When we send our kids off to school, we send them there thinking they are in one of the safest places they can be, right? We know there are sadly the school shootings, but that hasn't happened here in Amarillo yet.

However, we still worry about that. It seems to be the only thing we tend to worry about. Well, it turns out we should be worried about something different.

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Recently, it was discovered that literally across the street from Carver Elementary, there was a man running a large-scale drug operation out of a house there. He was distributing cocaine from the house, which is scary considering there are so many little kids right outside on the playground at times.

Never would I have thought that we'd have to worry about our kids being exposed to something like this. Now, is it likely they even knew about it? Probably not. I mean, elementary school kids barely pay attention to anything. I doubt they noticed people going in and out of the house as often as they were.

The scarier part of this wasn't the person who was running the operation. It's the clientele that are coming and going. There's no way for us to know if those clients were already high when they got to the house, and there's no telling what those people could do seeing all those kids outside.

How school officials never noticed the amount of people coming and going from that house is beyond me, and it worries me that no one is seemingly paying attention to what's going on in the neighborhoods around the schools.

I'm thankful that police were able to break everything up and get him away from the school, but it scares me a bit knowing that kind of stuff could be happening right there in front of our children.

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