Amarillo has had its fair share of strange sightings and urban legends around the city from strange hairy creatures prowling around the zoo to elementary schools haunted by the spirits of murdered children.

And to cross it off of our urban legend bingo, yes we've had our share of UFO sightings.

Over the years Amarillo has had over 50 UFO sightings and over 70 in the entire Panhandle.

Recently in the UFO sighting subreddit, r/UFO user Puzzleheadedtwo7374 made a post about something seen in the Amarillo sky.

In the video, the camera points to a strange, glowing object in the sky near the, moving at a slow pace. As the video goes on the camera zooms in on the mysterious object, and you can barely make out a circular, disc-like object in the sky. And it sort of looks like a UFO.

Puzzleheadedtwo7374, Reddit
Puzzleheadedtwo7374, Reddit

According to the poster, he had been at a truck stop around 6:53 p.m. in Amarillo fueling his vehicle when he spotted this mystery object.

But the comments to this post offer some answers that might prove that this is not a UFO, but actually the International Space Station.

User Alison1228 points out that just around that time, the ISS had actually passed through the Amarillo sky for a short period of time before disappearing into earth's shadow. Citing the website Heavens Above, which provides users with a map of the ISS's trajectory, Alison1228 was able to quickly debunk this sighting.

Although this instance may not be the result of extraterrestrial travelers, it still makes you wonder if we are alone in the universe and if not, if have we been visited yet.

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