If you are underage and have a fake id, you might want to get rid of it.

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On Friday, June 17th, Andrea's Project teamed up with the Starlight Ranch Event Center, and APD at the Koe Wetzel Concert.

At the gate, while checking IDs and during the concert, they were able to secure 13 fake IDs.  These were IDs that underage attendees were trying to use to purchase alcohol.

Why would they target Fake IDs at a concert?

Andrea's Project was formed after the Elizade family lost their daughter Andrea in a car accident.  The person driving Andrea's car was intoxicated and all occupants of the car including Andrea were all intoxicated and all underage.

Andrea's Project has been on a mission to bring awareness to drinking and driving and underage drinking.

After losing my daughter, my life will never be the same. However, her death created a desire in me to educate Youth on the dangers of drinking and driving and find solutions to minimize DWIs in my community and across the State of Texas.

Andrea's Project teamed up with Bobby Lee owner of the Big Texan and the Starlight Ranch Event Center, to help combat underage drinking. I had the opportunity to speak with David Elizade the President of Andrea's project and Bobby Lee, the owner of The Big Texan and Starlight Ranch Event Center

We're facing this fake ID crisis in Amarillo and across the United States. He's (Bobby Lee) not only he stepped up to the plate to have the scanner, said David Elizade.  Suddenly you have a police officer there to say we understand fake IDs, and they're going through every single ID of everybody that they even question and it was probably an average age of about 26 and down.

Andrea's Project not only works with Bobby Lee at the Starlight Ranch Event Center to help the fight against fake IDs, but they were on-site as well, helping bring the message to those underage.

Why is it important to have facilities like the Starlight Ranch Event Center stepping up to help in this crisis?

Well 98% of time at bars in Amarillo, they're just individuals that get paid to sit at the door. They don't know the difference. The reason why we're not checking IDs because first of all, we're not qualified. And then secondly, we don't know what we're looking for.


I know most will say, oh we did that when we were young, and these kids are just having fun.  Unfortunately, this type of fun can lead to devastating consequences.

This is just one of the projects Andrea's Project has been working on.  They work with local bars to make sure those who have had too much to drink can get home safely.  They are currently working to partner with other businesses that serve alcohol, to have a better system to identify fake IDs and help end underage drinking.

Andrea's Project is also working with local and state lawmakers to put programs into place across the city and state to help curb drinking and driving as well as underage drinking.

It's just one decision away from making a bad mistake and it can cost you your life and life is very simple, precious and it happens every minute.

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