Alright citizens of Borger, we need to have a talk. Who the heck is responsible for trashing the city park?

Earlier today the City of Borger shared a frustrating post, highlighting the aftermath of what could only be described as chaos.

Twisted teas, trash, and pumpkins all litter the parking lot at this Borger park as you can see above.

Oh, but that's not it. Apparently, the City of Borger had installed some new bathroom doors, and guess what happened? Some pleasant amateur street decorators decided that it would be a good place to leave their mark on graffiti.

Now thanks to these lovely fellas, the City of Borger has decided to install cameras in order to prevent any further tomfoolery from those with nothing better to do.

Can We Please Have Some Common Courtesy 

I understand that some people need to hang out with friends, crack open some cold ones, and maybe even get a little rowdy. But it's best for everyone to keep it at home when having fun.

Leaving out trash, defacing public property, and smashing pumpkins that you probably did not buy yourself is just a really scummy way of having fun. Not only are you leaving a mess for someone else to pick up, but you are also subjecting yourself and others to a whole laundry list of unnecessary risks.

If you get caught having a drink in public, you might end up with a public intoxication charge. Messing with public property or littering can earn you vandalism or littering charges. So remember, if you feel like trashing a place, it's best just to do it at home.

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