If you have ever been north of Amarillo Blvd on N. Hughes Street then you have driven past this restaurant and if you have been inside this restaurant then you know the heaven that lays inside those walls.

Delvin's Restaurant is located at 1300 N. Hughes, has some of the best BBQ and food in Amarillo and don't get me started on the desserts.   The portions are huge and trust me you don't leave hungry.  You will also find some of the best specials.  You might find yourself staring at the menu for longer than you should because you can't decided on what you want to eat.  Maybe it's the brisket, maybe it's the ribs, maybe it's the catfish.  Once you decided on that, then you have to decide on the sides and if you want dessert on top of it, it might drive you crazy knowing what you missed eating if you chose one or the other.    No matter what you choose you'll walk away with a full belly full of delicious satisfaction.  Plus, and excuse to return weekly to try every thing on the menu.

However, you now have one more decision to make, and that will be what Delvin's location you will have to go to eat.  That's right Delvin's Restaurant is getting another location.  This new location will be located in Downtown Amarillo in the Happy State Bank Building. The restaurant will be located in the lower basement of the building at 701 S. Taylor.
The restaurant hours will be Monday - Friday 8am - 3pm. They will serve breakfast from 8am-10am and lunch from 11am-3pm.

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