Excuse me while I scratch and search for the Benadryl cream.

Along with junk in the allies and closed brush sites, Amarillo has another issue.


Ask anyone who’s been around for a few years and they’ll tell you the mosquito problem is as much of an issue as it’s ever been.  At least for as long as they’ve been keeping records.

Recent rains have created a fertile environment across the city for mosquitoes to breed and feed.  They are feeding primarily on you.  And the rain also negates the effectiveness of spraying and fogging, the two primary weapons at the city’s disposal for combating the problem.

Thankfully the city has been able to resume those efforts in the past few days.  The city also reminds you to avoid the outside during dawn and dusk hours, wear dark clothing, and use an insect repellent containing Deet.  It is also a good idea to remove any standing water on your property.

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