Ok, the snow is headed into the Amarillo area. I know what you're thinking. "We've heard that before." Well, this time it looks like we're going to really get some big snowfall.

Depending on which news source you get your information from, we can expect anywhere between 4 - 10 inches of snow over the next couple days. Some places to the west will accumulate closer to 12 inches.

For those of you who are planning to hunker down and stay in during the snowpocalypse, here are some things you need.

1. Food

I recommend homemade chili

2. Alternate Heat Source

You can buy the packets that you crack and they heat up. These require no power source.

3. Charged Devices

Charge all of your electronic devices so if your power were to go out, you'll be able to contact someone in an emergency.

4. Candles

You never realize how handy candles are until your electricity goes out. They are super handy and it's a good idea to keep them around.

5. Entertainment

If your electricity doesn't go out, it's a perfect day to get caught up on your latest Netflix binge or maybe play some video games with the kids. If you're without electricity, it's time to break out the Uno, Skipbo, or even a good game of Wahoo to pass the time.

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