Now it's no secret that porch piracy has become a common occurrence in many neighborhoods in Amarillo. But what happens when the thief not only steals your package but has the audacity to open it right next to your house and then leave the trash behind?

Well, that's exactly what happened to one homeowner who took to Facebook to warn others about the brazen thief.

"Be on the lookout for this woman!!" they wrote, along with a photo of the thief captured by their home security system. "She walked by our house yesterday evening and STOLE my Amazon packages and had the audacity to open the boxes next to the house and left the trash!!!!"

Now, I don't know about you, but stealing someone else's property and then having the nerve to open it right next to their house seems like a surefire way to get caught. And yet, this thief thought it was a good idea to not only steal the packages but also to leave the evidence right next to the crime scene. Now I know there is no honor among thieves, but this thief took porch piracy to a new low.

But let's give credit where credit is due - this thief certainly has a lot of guts. Perhaps they thought they were being clever by opening the boxes right next to the house, thinking that the homeowners wouldn't notice. Or maybe they didn't care and wanted to flaunt their ill-gotten goods. Either way, it's clear that this thief has some serious nerve.

So, if you live in the area and happen to see a woman matching the thief's description in the photo, be sure to keep an eye out. And if you do happen to catch her in the act, be sure to give her a round of applause for her ridiculousness - and then promptly turn her in to the authorities.

Thrilled to Be There: the Smiling Mugshots of Hutchinson County

Hutchinson County has plenty of people who have committed a criminal blunder (or two). And just like any other bigger city, jail is no fun. However, some of the residents of Borger and Stinnett are believers in keeping their spirits high in the face of adversity.

Not sure what we mean?

Well....let's just say that Randall County's cheerful inmates aren't the only ones who seem happy to be arrested....While there’s nothing funny about committing a crime, these offenders in Hutchinson County certainly do know how to light up a pod with their smile :-)

Amarillo's Most Wanted: Help Bring These Fugitives to Justice

These are the fugitives who make up Amarillo's Most Wanted list. The individuals on this list have been accused of serious crimes and are considered a danger to society.

If you have any information about these FUGITIVES, you are urged to call Amarillo Crime Stoppers at (806) 374-4400 or submit a Web Tip by visiting THIS LINK


You do not have to give your name. AMARILLO CRIME STOPPERS will pay a reward of up to $300 and you WILL remain anonymous. 

Updated as of 6/18/2022

The 806's Strange & Screwed Up Crimes Of 2021.....So Far

It's 2021 and folks are making up for staying indoors and following the law all throughout 2020. This isn't always a good thing, though. There have been quite a few odd, wacky, and outright grotesque crimes committed in the Texas Panhandle this year so far.

From Friona to Lubbock, there's plenty of bad behavior on display throughout the 806 in 2021.

Take a look at what these hellions have gotten themselves into:

Texas Crime Statistics By City

Check to see how crime compares in your city versus elsewhere.

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