Love it or hate it, jury duty is a responsibility of all citizens and is something that we will have to participate in at some point. Reguarless of how you feel about it, a certain degree of seriousness and impartiality should be held in relation to whatever case you are appointed to sit on.

I don't think this appointed member of an Amarillo jury got that memo though....

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RearEndedInAmarillo, Reddit

On r/amarillo user RearEndedInAmarillo made a post titled "I have jury duty" with a picture of his summons for jury service and an ultimatum for users viewing the post. In a poll below users can either pick "innocent" or "guilty".

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RearEndedInAmarillo, Reddit

Once you vote on the poll, the current poll numbers will reveal themselves. With 37 voting innocent, and 59 guilty, it seems that whatever case the user is presiding over, the defendant is guilty.

Now, I'm no expert in law but I believe that common sense can this may not be the best idea when it comes to being on jury duty.

And the comments have similar opinions about this poster and his dilemma


You are a complete and total idiot.





Hope is doesn't get traced back, that's a mistrial.



Dude what is wrong with you? “Oh better let Reddit decide some dude’s punishment.”



Whether the original poster is serious or not about basing his opinion is unknown, but if he does decide to go through with this and it is traced back to him, chances are that he could be responsible for a mistrial.

So to user RearEndedInAmarillo, if you are not joking about this it might be in your best interest to rethink your decision-making in this instance. And to Amarillo, please don't take this guy's example.

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