Like any city, Amarillo's got plenty of local musicians but the tricky question that can stump any enjoyed of live music around here might be the question of "well, where is it"? And especially if you are into specific subgenres such as jazz, or soul, finding musicians in the 806 who cater to that audience may prove difficult to find.

Although I can't tell you where each and every one of Amarillo's local musicians, their shows and where will take place, I can tell you about this one.

From 7:30P.M to 10:30P.M on Fridays of January 13th, and 17th, and Saturday, February 11th, local musician Tia Marie will be performing at Savor Tapas Bar.

tiamariemusica, dcoolestphotos, Instagram
tiamariemusica, dcoolestphotos, Instagram


In an interview with this local musician, Tia Marie can be best described as an up-and-coming singer/songwriter with a sound that combines elements of jazz, soul, and pop music.  From an early age, she began singing and playing the piano, though it was when she picked up the guitar that her passion for singing and songwriting flourished. Her relatable lyrics and warm melodies evoke raw emotion and conversation.

As someone who has personally heard some of Tia Marie's live performances, I can vouch that her blend of jazz, pop, and soul makes for an amazing listening experience. It's nice to find hidden gems in our city and it's even better to go and support them however we can.

So if you've got any love for jazz and/or soul, be sure to check her out. It's well worth the time.

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