Tarpley's music needs your help to identify this thief who had the audacity to run out with a guitar in broad daylight.

On January 30th, around 11:30 A.M. a man wearing a dark jacket, jeans, a surgical mask, and a beanie waltzed into the Tarpley's music store near I-40 and Western with ill intent.

The unknown man walked unsuspectingly into Tarpley's Music, walking straight to the guitar section. Taking a brief look around, the man grabs the first acoustic guitar he sees before taking a few moments to get comftrable and test out the guitar, playing some basic chords.

After deciding that this is the guitar is the one that he would like to have, the man gets up and proceeds to walk towards to back door, guitar on his side. Getting closer and closer to the door, the man slowly speeds up before breaking into a full-on jog by the time he goes through the back door.

In a slightly comedic fashion he is then seen in a full-on sprint running out of the back door and into the parking lot, guitar on his side.

The man has been reported to the Amarillo Police Department and has not been idetified as of yet.

The fact that this man walked in no shame and ran out with a piece of what is usually expensive musical equiptment can be pretty angering, add that with the fact that this could possibly mean a tighter policy on trying out instruments which ruins the music store experience for everyone and now you've got a situation that really grinds my gears.

If anybody has information about this individual call Tarpley Music at 806-352-5293 to help them get their stolen guitar back.

And to whoever stole the guitar, may your stolen guitar be perpetually out of tune.

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