Well Happy Father's Day to you, especially if you're a single dad living in Amarillo.  You've picked the perfect city to live.

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Why is Amarillo the perfect place for single dads?

It's friendly for single dads, it's got great social programs, and dad support groups and the cost and access to child care are great.

According to a study that Lawnstarter conducted they compared 200 cities across the country on the 36 different factors including the above-mentioned.

Amarillo came in at 57 on the list as a great place for single dads.

I know we compare ourselves to Lubbock quite a bit, but they came in on the list at 93.  However, if you're looking to move and want the number one city for single dads then you'll have to move to Naperville, IL.  If you want to stay in Texas and move, Frisco came in at #6.  If you were thinking about moving to Sunrise Manor, NV, I would reconsider because that is going to be the worst place for you.

Now when it comes to the dating pool in Amarillo, you're on your own with that one.  Dating is hard and finding a good relationship is hard, however, don't give up!   I know it sounds cliche, but you'll find the one when you least expect it, it seems that's how it always happens.

Who knows, maybe you'll meet one of those single moms at your childcare facility.

Not to get off-topic, but think about it.  Daycares should offer single get-togethers, they watch the kids while all the single moms and dads do a meet and greet.  It could work.

But back on topic, if you're a single dad, know you're doing your best and what's best for your kids, and you're in a great city to be a single dad.

By the way, Happy Father's Day.

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