When you lose a loved one it is always hard to figure out the best way to honor their lives. How can you honor a whole life in one service?

Thanks to a new funeral home in Amarillo, decisions like this may get a little easier. The Light House Funeral Home in Amarillo wants to give people a cheaper alternative to the average funeral along with many options and locations so you can customize your loved one's funeral so it will be a perfect celebration.

Every part of the service is completely customizable. The Light House teams up with business around the city like wedding venues, bars, warehouses and more so you can pick the best location for the service, along with a theme. One family even honored their loved one with a Christmas themed services!

Another thing that is setting The Light House apart from other funeral homes is their prices. The national average for a funeral is anywhere from $7,000 - $10,000 but at the Lighthouse their prices start at $900  for a Cremations and Burial/memorial services starting at $3,700.

To learn more about The Light House Funeral Home click here.

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