Eleven-year-old Jared Flanders willfully disobeyed his father and left his Massachusetts home one day last week without an accompanying adult. But Jared had a good reason to defy his dad, since his objective was to attend a funeral for a firefighter killed during the line of duty.

Young Jared himself lost a brother in Iraq over the summer and reportedly wanted to honor firefighter Jon Davies, who was killed on Dec. 8th. So, he put on a coat and tie, hopped on a bike and rode to the funeral home a mile away in order to pay his respects.

Jared’s father was stunned to learn what his son had done. But, given the boy’s big heart, he decided not to punish him. After all, even disobedience can be forgiven if it’s done for the right reasons.

Watch Jared’s moving story below.

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