For some reason, out of all of the HTeaO stores in Amarillo thieves have set their eyes on this location.

In an Instagram post, HTeaO released camera footage from their Hillside location in Amarillo of a couple walking in and stealing a Yeti Cooler bag in plain sight. Not long after this, they left the building and entered their vehicle before presumably speeding off from the scene.

This is not the first time that this HTeaO location has had to deal with shameless thieves. Just last year, HTeaO had to deal with a cooler thief and more notably, a thief who stole their tea delivery van. 

Thankfully in both instances, the tea thieves were found and arrested, but the fact still remains that it seems like amateur thieves fancy this particular location for some strange reason.

I mean what is so appealing about stealing from a local tea shop? If I were a thief, a tea shop would be the last place on my to-steal-from list. Especially if everything before you has been caught.

Then again, maybe we're not dealing with criminal masterminds here. The genius plan of stealing from a store that has already caught previous burglars must be an acquired taste.

If there's anything that you don't mess with in Texas, it's our tea. Although the thieves have not been caught, chances are that it will not take long for them to be identified and caught. S

So whether your goal is to contribute to the apprehension of these criminals or simply to gain love, appreciation (and perhaps even complimentary tea) from HTeaO, please step forward with any information regarding these two individuals.

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