So back in March one of Amarillo's few decent clubs Chesney's, which houses Bodegas changed its age limit from 18 and up, to 20 and up. This was a pretty disappointing announcement for any freshly graduated teens in the city of Amarillo since there is next to nothing for us to do in Amarillo in terms of nightlife.

But we get it, it's probably to keep those annoying, pesky late teens out and away from running the experience for patrons who are 21 and up.

However, recently Bodegas made the announcement that they will be allowing 18-year-olds for one night this Friday. This normally would be a pretty awesome thing for adults under the age of 21 who are looking for something to do this Friday, but there's a catch.

Bodegas, Facebook
Bodegas, Facebook

Yep, the one night that they let 18 year old into the club, is the night that they are holding a twerk contest night....

Out of all of the events held that would warrant lowering the age restriction, was this seriously the best they had in mind? I understand that this might expand the range of girls who can enter the contest, but it just seems a little bit out of taste.

Now, I'm not one to judge people's dance preferences or question a club's contest choices, but really? Just when you thought the initial age limit change was a disappointment,

So, hats off to Bodegas for always keeping Amarillo's nightlife on its toes, pulling a classic "hold my beer" move, and letting in those fresh-faced 18-year-olds for one night only. How generous of them, right?

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