Jimmy Johnson is going to the Hall of Fame, but he's still not being honored in Dallas' Ring of Honor.

When you attend a Dallas Cowboys game at AT&T Stadium, one of the things you notice is the greatest Dallas Cowboys of all time. They call it the Ring of Honor that goes around the AT&T Stadium. Dallas Cowboys legends that we all know. Tom Landry, Roger Staubach, Emmitt Smith, just to name a few.

A name that is obviously missing is the coach who put that amazing 90's team together, Jimmy Johnson. All of the players he picked up are in that Ring of Honor. Charles Haley, Emmitt Smith, Larry Allen, Michael Irvin, and Troy Aikman are all in the Ring of Honor. They're also all Pro Football Hall of Famers. The only member of the Ring of Honor that Jimmy drafted that is not in the Hall of Fame is Darren Woodson.

Here is why I am writing this blog today. Jimmy Johnson will become the first member of those amazing 90's teams to not be honored in the Ring of Honor before going into the Hall of Fame. Deion Sanders is only other person this will most likely happen to since he's already in the Hall of Fame and not in the Cowboys Ring of Honor.

Jerry Jones said back in 2017 he plans on doing it. Really, Jerry? Then when? You've added every major player from those 90's teams into the Ring except the man that helped build it. Remember, Jerry was not the GM in the early 90's like he is now. That team was built by Jimmy and his people, not Jerry.

I'm stealing this from someone else and sorry I can't give them credit. The quote went, 'Jerry Jones is showing Jason Garrett the respect he should have given Jimmy Johnson and Tom Landry'. This was about Jason Garrett's weird week of being fired or not.

I hope the Cowboys put Jimmy in this year. It still doesn't make me happy it's happening after the fact, but it's the right thing to do.

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