In his post-trial interview with Lance Lehnert, Alex Fairly discusses his views and opinions on winning the Civic Center trial, what could have happened, what this entire lawsuit represents for Amarillo, and his future plans.

First, expressing his appreciation over the selection of a judge for the trial Fairly explained that Judge William Sowder not being from Amarillo contributed to the trial. The fact that he there were no external forces that could have affected the trial.

Fairly later, expresses his and what was likely the frustration of many Amarillo citizens which was the fact that the Amarillo City Council tried to slip in this spending plan without anyone's notice. Further expanding on this issue, he stated that he did not believe that it is known by everyone voting what the plan was for due to its intentionally rushed nature.

Highlighting the disconnect between Amarillo's leaders and its citizens, Fairly further expresses his discontent with groups such as the Amarillo Matters group who he notes has a high level of influence on local elections and policy, saying

The unhealthy thing
is that we have a council that's in my
opinion controlled by a group of
people including the Amarillo
matters political action committee and
those people they're they're they know
what they got to do and they know what
they got to do to get elected again and
we got to fix that next May
When asked about whether he would run for any sort of office such as mayor in the city of Amarillo, Fairly states that he has little interest in taking any sort of political office in Amarillo. However later in the interview, he clarifies that he is not closed off to the possibility of running for mayor but remains vague about it.
There's a scenario
honestly where I would consider it but I
do not want that to play out. I'm not
going to talk about what it is
Considering the amount of publicity gained by this situation and his notable role in stopping what could have potentially raised taxes in a slimy way, Fairly has quite the platform now to step into local politics.
Even the Amarillo Matters group, which supported this plan has acknowledged Fairly and his important role in Amarillo, expressing their opinion about his stance on the Civic Center situation.
Amarillo Matters, Facebook
Amarillo Matters, Facebook

Although there are areas in which Amarillo might need to update such as the Amarillo Civic Center, in this case, an important question must be asked. At what cost should we continue updating our city and who is really in control of what goes through in our local politics?

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