With the incredible sales of hard seltzer in the United States Coca Cola has decided it’s time to jump in the alcohol market. Coca Cola had been testing their hard seltzer in Japan and in now getting to roll out a global product under the name EH Canning Co. Their  hard Seltzer is a mixture of water, fermentation alcohol and natural flavors. The alcohol content is between four and six percent. The trendy drink is particularly popular with 20- to 35-year-olds as an alternative to higher-calorie products such as wine and beer.

The flavors of the new Coca Cola American Seltzers are a dark hidden secret, and the company is expected to announce a national roll out early this fall in North America.



In Japan the lemon-flavored drink debuted in May 2018 in Kyushu, Japan's southernmost island, in three varieties ranging from 3% to 7% alcohol. It's modeled after Japanese "chu-hi," a popular canned drink made with a distilled alcohol called shochu, carbonated water and flavoring, Coca-Cola Japan business unit president Jorge Garduno said in February 2018 in a Coca Cola press release


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