I started in radio in the early nineties here in Amarillo. I remember hearing the whispers about a murder that happened at a radio station here in town. Over the years I would get bits and pieces of the story.

I just knew it involved a dolly. Yes, a dolly made this story a bit crazy on top of everything else. The other day we were here at work having a conversation down the hall when this story came up.

So I asked to get a rundown of what happened. This radio station in question was on Amarillo Boulevard. There was a field nearby. There were also fast food places. All of this plays into the story.

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Now if you try to google this story I really only saw one chat that went on about it. No news stories. Nothing else. So strange. It was a murder. You would think there would be a lot you could find on it.

This all happened in the late eighties. According to the story. Debbie Garre worked in sales at this station. She had lost her husband recently who worked at KVII. This is where the dolly will come into play later on.

Now from what I could find Debbie was involved with someone at the station. They took a business trip to Florida. That is where she met David Cain. They hit it off and had an affair while her "sugar daddy", was at a conference.

They headed back to Amarillo. Debbie assumed things were over with David. That was not what was thought by David. So he found a way to hitchhike to Amarillo to see Debbie. She kept him in an apartment behind the station. Yes, this radio station had an apartment.

They had some falling out one day and he pushed her. He also threatened to reveal their affair to her "sugar daddy." So she went to the car and grabbed a gun. She shot David as he was showering. There is where he was left.

That is until the Texas heat presented a problem. The smell from the body. In a radio group that I am in the discussion came up. One co-worker of Debbie's went to grab lunch. When he got back he noticed the stench.

When he brought the lunch inside Debbie was standing at the front desk. He mentioned that there was a dead body nearby. He was not the first coworker to mention the smell. A group was outside with Debbie when it was mentioned. Was it the grease trap at one of the nearby restaurants? Was it a dead animal decaying in a nearby field? So Debbie knew she had to get that body out. So she borrowed her dad's pickup and borrowed a dolly from KVII. Where her late husband worked.

She got back to the station and had to deal with getting the body on the dolly and then onto the pickup truck. It turned out to be tougher than she thought. She couldn't really call anyone to help her move the dead body.

So she did what she could. She decided to somehow use a garden hose to hook the dolly to the pickup and move it that way. What she didn't consider is that Amarillo roads are full of those dang potholes. That has always been an issue. That and dips in the road.

So as you would figure the truck and dolly hit a pothole and she lost the dolly off the truck. Guess what she did? She left it. So long story short she was caught.

Still, you can't really find anything about this anywhere. Oh, and where is that dolly? After it was no longer needed as evidence they called and asked if the station wanted the dolly back. Whoever they talked to said "yes." So that dolly is still probably somewhere at KVII. That is probably the only evidence of this crazy Amarillo murder story.

Oh, that and Crime TV at one point featured it in a story. Read about that HERE. The only thing I could find in print on this story.

What Has Happened to Debbie?

Debbie was of course arrested. She went to prison. She was sentenced to twenty years. She served her time, probably not the full twenty years. She is now out and living here in Amarillo.

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