The City of Amarillo can finally put the ghost of Terry Childers behind it.

At the weekly city council meeting on Tuesday a new Assistant City Manager was named.  Floyd Hartman was officially promoted and named the new man to assist the man managing Amarillo.

Hartman began his career working for the City of Canyon before taking the job as Amarillo’s Water and Sewer Superintendent.  Of his 20 years in municipal management, 13 were with Amarillo.

There is a lot of work to attend to and almost as many questions about the short and long term direction of the city manager’s office.  Here are five of the big questions.

Can he get the overflowing dumpsters and trashy allies cleaned up?

Does the job come with luxury seats at the new baseball stadium or only General Admission tickets?

Has he ever fallen asleep during Texas: The Musical?

How many times over the last 20 years has he used a City of Amarillo Water & Sewer vehicle to grab a convenience store burrito?  How many were free?

Does he know, at this very moment, where his briefcase is?  If not will he blame himself or others?

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