Want to get entertained and be left questioning your local politics at the same time? Check out this Facebook group that dives into some sketchy places in Amarillo.

Take It In The Gas, Facebook
Take It In The Gas, Facebook

With a decent-sized following of 6,919,  the Facebook group Take It In The Gas's primary goal is to expose corruption and sketchy things going on in local politics.

In its group description, the Facebook group states that

Tootntotum has been gouging people in Amarillo with high gas prices, stealing million$ from it's customers!

-Take It In Gas

and although the Facebook group does primarily cover alleged corruption in Amarillo surrounding the local brand Toot-N-Totem, they also spread their accusations into a laundry list of notable groups and figures in Amarillo.

In some of their most recent points, the group takes jabs at the timing of some of our city council members leaving politics, the use of public funds, and the passing of legislation by our city council.


The posts made by this Facebook group do not hold back any punches when it comes to questioning the antics of our local government. And although some of the accusations may seem far-fetched, some of the supposed clues that tie these accusations together do make you question "What is really going on here"?

It's not out of the question that our local government has done some shady things, such as the infamous Civic Center Plans that nearly got through if not for a lawsuit by Alex Fairly. But you do have to approach things like these with a level of skepticism and know how and what is true or not. So if you have any kind of interest in what may or may not be going on behind the curtains of our local government, this may be a place to start.



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