Unique town names are nothing new or special to a specific region. They're everywhere. Heck, I went to school in Corn, Oklahoma.

But these Texas town names made me smile thinking about the fun I would have filling out my address information. Thank you Google Maps for brightening my day.


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    Earth, TX

    Earth, Tx is a small rural community with a population around 1,100 as of 2010. Imagine going to the First Baptist Church of Earth, or working for the Earth Monitoring Company. I don't think I would ever get tired of telling people I'm from Earth.

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    LazBuddie is an "unincorporated" community with a school and a post office. Also, they have a Church of Christ.

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    They have a post office......

  • 4


    I just want to hear my family try to pronounce it a holiday get-togethers. Someone has been quoted as saying, "It's an island in a sea of grass." It's an island with around 300 people on it.

  • 5


    I know what you're thinking, and no. This has nothing at all to do with the G-rated name for the place that AC/DC was on the highway to. It's named after a guy whose last name was Heck, and he built a cotton gin.

    I would only go if house number 666 was up for grabs, cause I'm just that kind of guy.

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