The Amarillo police department was quite busy last week, responding to 44 reports of car burglary.

Out of the 44 cases, 25 of the vehicles were left unlocked, 8 vehicles had firearms stolen, and 10 others lost personal items.  Items missing include a purse, bag, briefcase, wallets, cell phones, tools, golf clubs, laptops and more.

The Amarillo police department reminds the public that although it isn't 100% effective, locking your vehicle lessens the likelihood your car or truck will be burglarized.  The police also say it is important not to leave valuble items in the car.  If you do have to leave something important in the vehicle make sure it cannot easily been seen from outside the vehicle.

The Amarillo police say the best way to avoid becoming a victim of an auto burglary is to lock your vehicle and leave nothing behind in an unattended vehicle.

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