The City of Amarillo is asking for the public's help in identifying a strange visitor to the Amarillo Zoo. Frankly, the image has everyone wondering what the heck is hanging out at the zoo, and why.

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Early Hours Of May 21 In Amarillo, TX

According to a press release, a creature was captured by security cameras at the Amarillo Zoo. It was around 1:25 AM when the "thing" made its way up to the fence.

City of Amarillo
City of Amarillo

Your Help Is Needed In Identifying The Creature

Looking at the creature in the footage, it seems at home walking on two legs.

I blew up the image so we could get a better look, and this is what I noticed:

  • Fur...maybe long hair
  • Too skinny to be Bigfoot
  • Not in water so definitely not Loch Ness Monster
  • Could we have a werewolf in Thompson Park?
  • Not flying through the air, so definitely not a flying saucer
  • Long skinny legs
  • Long arms, possibly covered in fur
  • Could it just be a person stumbling home from the bar in the weirdest coat this town has ever seen?
  • No hooves, so doubt it's the devil.
  • A furry? (If you know, you know.)
City of Amarillo
City of Amarillo

No Damage Done By The Unidentified Creature

The Director of Parks and Recreation, Michael Kashuba stated that there was no vandalism, no attempts to gain entry, and no harm done to any animals or individuals at the zoo.

Perhaps someone's Tinder date was simply walking home, and they just happen to be really...really...hairy.

If you think you have an idea as to what this thing could be, email the City of Amarillo's communications office at They will also be making posts on social media asking for help.

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