For most of the year, Mary Christmas' name causes snickers. Then, when the calender turns into December, it can just be confusing.

But Mary, who lives in Hull, England, doesn't mind. She's completely embraced her name, which of course doubles as a holiday greeting.

In fact, it's her name by choice. She decided to take on Leeroy Christmas' surname when she married him in 1986, knowing full well it would become a source of humor for others.

'When we met, people always joked about what would happen if we got married," she explained.

Mary's gotten her share of prank calls, over the years. "We’d have people ringing up and asking if they could speak to Father Christmas," she told the Daily Mail.  "I’d always say you’ve just missed him -- he’s gone out with the reindeers. "

Mary also admits that when she is making a reservation at a restaurant, for example, she will use her maiden name because it's just easier that way.

Nevertheless, the mother-of-two has no name-taking regrets.

"People ask me all the time whether my name bothers me, but I love it. Everyone loves Christmas, so it puts a smile on your face."

Leave it to somebody named Mary Christmas to embody the Christmas spirit.

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