For those of you who spend your mornings on or around Bell Street in Amarillo, you've got plenty of options for breakfast. However, if you are craving a breakfast burrito, chances are that one of, if not both of these breakfast joints instantly come to mind; The Bagel Place or Huds.

Both of these places serve some of Amarillo's best breakfast burritos, but sadly you can only choose one place for breakfast. In light of this, I have decided that it is time to take up burritos from both Huds and The Bagel Place in order to guide those who are stuck choosing between the two.

So without further ado, here is my detailed comparison of two sausage burritos from each location where I will size up each burrito based on size, price contents, and overall taste.


First, we have the colossal Bagel Place Burrito which measures out to be a staggering eight inches long and three inches wide.

Anthony Hernandez, TSM
Anthony Hernandez, TSM

Next, we have the more subtle but solid Hud's burrito which measures out to be around six and a half inches long and two inches wide.

Anthony Hernandez, TSM
Anthony Hernandez, TSM

Although the Huds burrito may be a more aesthetically pleasing burrito, the sheer size of The Bagel Place's burrito cannot be beaten.


As can be seen in the first round, we are not exactly comparing apples to apples. The obvious size difference will of course mean that they come at different prices based on the proportionality of each burrito. So in this round, we will be comparing which place gives you the better bang for your buck.

A sausage burrito from Hud's will cost you $4.99, whilst a sausage burrito from The Bagel Place will cost you $8.89.

Now sadly I did not have a scale to precisely measure how much each burrito weighs, but by simply holding and gauging the weight of each burrito with my own hands, it became evident that even two Huds burritos would not match the size and proportion of The Bagel Place's burrito.

In terms of pricing, The Bagel Place gives you better value for your money, delivering more for each dollar spent.


Now even when you account for the obvious size difference and the fact that The Bagel Place puts two orders of meat into their burrito, the egg-to-sausage ratio is much more balanced in The Bagel Place's Burrito in comparison to Hud's burrito.

Anthony Hernandez, TSM
Anthony Hernandez, TSM

The Hud's burrito has a lot of eggs but very little sausage, making The Bagel Place the winner of this round.


Now this round will be much more subjective than any other round, but it is an important distinction to make between these two breakfast items.

The Bagel Place's sausage burrito, despite being notably larger and having more sausage in one order than its counterpart, tends to lean more towards the greasier and saltier side. On the other hand, while Huds' burrito contains less meat than its competitor, its flavor doesn't overpower your palate as much as The Bagel Place's offering does.

So this round will go to Huds' burrito.


Both The Bagel Place and Huds' burritos are amazing in their own right but as seen above, both burritos have their strengths and weaknesses. The Huds' burritos are much smaller, but they make up for their lack of size through their amazing flavor. On the other hand, The Bagel Place's burrito is an absolute juggernaut of a breakfast item, but it is both figuratively and literally heavy on the stomach.

In short, Huds is a better choice for a lighter meal, while The Bagel Place is the go-to option when you're craving a gigantic breakfast.

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