When I was much younger, it seemed like there was a faith based bookstore on every street corner. At one point, it seemed like faith based culture was all the rage. Musicians were seeing crossover success, and even had music videos on MTV. Pastors were releasing blockbuster multi-step programs for living a better life.

Now, things are different. Where you do go for faith based shopping in Amarillo?

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There's Good And Bad News In Amarillo

The good news? There's still options available if you prefer to shop at places that agree with and align with your personal theology.

The bad new? There's not a lot of options. I find that interesting, considering the area in which we live. I honestly thought there would be more options available.

There are really two main options available when it comes to faith based shopping in Amarillo; Mardel and The Top of Texas Catholic Super Store.

That's it.

Congrats to both of them on pretty much cornering their respective markets.

Mardel Christian & Education - 2203 S Western St Space 500

If your mom taught Sunday school, there's a good chance you've darkened the doors of a Mardel. That's where she went to get a lot of the supplies for her classroom.

It also had a massive selection of books, and it used to be where you would get your Tooth & Nail samplers (if you know, you know).


Mardel is where I would go to spend my allowance on MxPx, Slick Shoes, and Ghoti Hook. It's where I discovered Blindside before "Pitiful." I still remember my first Further Seems Forever and  Demon Hunter albums.

This is really starting to take me back. I was the "cool" kid in youth group.

Top of Texas Catholic Superstore - 2500 Coulter St S Suite 110

What's in a name? Everything.


The Top of Texas Catholic Superstore is exactly what it sounds like. It is a massive store dedicated to taking care of all your needs as a devout Catholic. I spent some time on their website, and they've got it all.

Books, home decor, jewelry, gifts for every occasion...you name it. You should check out their kids' section. There's all kinds of books, toys, and gifts.

That Doesn't Mean These Are The Only Places That Are Faith Friendly

There are a lot of businesses in town that are faith friendly. There are restaurants, salons, coffee shops, and others that are "faith based," they just haven't made it the entire basis of their revenue stream.

There are other bookstores in town that carry faith based materials. There are jewelry stores where you can purchase a crucifix. What sets these two apart is that they only deal in merchandise pertaining to the faith.

So while it may not seem like we have several options; in a way...we do.

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