There's no better time of the year for strange and mysterious events to occur than Halloween.

In a strange video shared with us, a peculiar object can be seen traveling through the sky. At around 7:55 PM, just as the sun had gone down, a strange object became visible in the Amarillo night sky. According to an eyewitness this strange object moved through the sky for a short while, before disappearing without a trace.



Now before you pull out your tinfoil hats and begin scouring the area for possible alien landing sites, there may be a legitimate explanation for this phenomenon. A little digging revealed that around the same time that Amarillo residents saw these strange lights in the sky, something big was happening in the interstellar community.

As it turns out SpaceX, an American company with many dealing in space exploration had actually launched some satellites on that very same day.

But while this provides a very likely answer as to what was seen in the Amarillo sky, it's still fun to ponder over the possibilities. Who knows if the lights seen in the video above are not satellites being launched, but are alien UFOs scouring our skies?

So whether it’s a case of cutting-edge technology or an unexpected visit from E.T. himself, this particular case definitely left its mark on the minds of those who saw it. So in the spirit of Halloween, I think it's let your imaginations run wild and theorize about what might of been spotted in the night sky of Amarrillo.

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