I'm a big fan of Walgreen's.  It all started due to their location.  They're right next to the station.  I find myself in there two, sometimes three times a day.

It's always struck me as somewhat ironic that a drugstore would sell tobacco and alcohol but they do.  I guess it is good for business.  Sell the stuff that many people need medicine for eventually.

The store at 34th & Bell as well as all local Walgreen's recently got a facelift.  It was pretty major.  But our stores will look nothing like the new flagship store opening today in Chicago.

The location is described as "upscale". The flagship store will provide a humidor, international newsstands, made-to-order smoothies, self-serve frozen yogurt, sushi and juice bars, and a barista selling exclusive State & Randolph brand coffee. State and Randolph being the cross streets where the store is located.

You'll also find a clinic and an upscale cosmetics department with makeovers and manicures.  Rounding it out with wine, spirits and fresh food.

This Walgreen's will be nothing like my Walgreen's.

But this flagship store won't have Cindy and Barbara which ours does.  I know pretty much everybody at 34th & Bell but Cindy and Barbara know everything I want when I come in.  I don't even have to ask.

They could use more Cindys and Barbaras.  They can keep the sushi!

For more see this source article.