The United Way of Amarillo and Canyon has established the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund to provide aid to those affected. Tuesday it was announced that applications for relief are now available to the public.

The United Way has established a local citizen council, along with the board of directors, who will oversee the fund and distribution. 100 percent of what is raised will be directly invested back into the community.

To apply for direct aid from The United Way of Amarillo and Canyon, click HERE.


From the United Way of Amarillo and Canyon:

The COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund is to provide direct aid to those affected. As the situation develops, it is clear the challenges this virus extends beyond just those infected and their loved ones, but to every citizen of Amarillo & Canyon who are living paycheck to paycheck. Given the social distancing required to combat the spread of this disease, individuals, most of whom are hourly wage earners in service industry jobs, will experience unprecedented economic hardship. 

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