Due to possible contamination, Tyson Foods will be recalling around 94,000 pounds of ground beef. In a public announcement by the Food Safety and Inspection Service, complaints by customers describe a reflective, mirror-like substance that could be seen in ground beef purchased. The ground beef was produced on November 2, 2022, at Tyson Foods’ Amarillo plant. 

According to the announcement by the FSIS, the following ground beef products will be recalled.


  • 10-lb. chubs containing “HILL COUNTRY FARE GROUND BEEF 73% LEAN/ 27% FAT with BEST BEFORE OR FREEZE BY: NOV 25, 2022.”
  • 5-lb. chubs containing “HILL COUNTRY FARE GROUND BEEF 73% LEAN/ 27% FAT with BEST BEFORE OR FREEZE BY: NOV 25, 2022.”
  • 5-lb. chubs containing “H-E-B GROUND CHUCK GROUND BEEF 80% LEAN/ 20% FAT.”

According to the same report,  products that have the establishment number  “EST. 245E” on the seam of the chub are subject to recall.


Thankfully no reports of food poisioning have taken place, but there are still concerns by the FSIS that products containing this contaminated substance may still be in the refrigerator or freezers of Tyson customers. They urge customers to throw away or return any contaminated meat that may be found.

With its role as one of Tyson's largest packing plants in the entire nation, and having plans for Tyson to invest $200 million into expanding and upgrading the plant, the Amarillo packing plant's role within the Tyson company is significant to say the least. Thankfully no one has been harmed as of yet, but hopefully Tyson can find, take care of the root issue that caused this incident and do its best to prevent any similar events like this from happening in the future.

Consumers with questions about the recall should contact the Tyson Fresh Meats Consumer Hotline at 1-855-382-3101.

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