An average day on the river turned in to the scariest day of this Texas couple's life.

Jered Caraway and his fiancee Morgan Mayfield took their two dogs out for a nice day on the Brazos River when their fishing boat began to sink. Caraway realized that the engine was overwhelmed and tried to act, but it was already too late.

The couple put their valuable belongings inside the YETI they had on board and tossed it into the water. The couple followed it overboard and used the cooler as a flotation device.

Unfortunately, their boat completely sunk. However, they were lucky enough to maneuver themselves onto the shore and walk to a relative's boat for help.

The couple and their two dogs are safe at home now. They shared with KHOU that they may have drowned if it wasn't for their YETI. The cooler kept their belongings dry and helped them stay afloat with its reinforced barriers.

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