It was announced two years ago that the Potter County Sheriff's department is equipping deputies with body cameras.

As much to protect law enforcement as it is citizens, body cameras are on the verge of being standard, essential issue for any jurisdiction.  Right now they are still finding there way into agencies sporadically, usually determined by funding.

A state grant Potter County received made that implementation of the new equipment possible.  The State of Texas is paying for 75% of the equipment and storage.  Each camera will have its own server.  The data from all the servers will be stored in a main database only accessible by four officers from the sheriff's department.

The equipment has been delivered and the cameras are almost ready to be assigned.  First necessary orientation and training must be completed.  The first week of a two week training program has been completed.  30 deputies finished the two-hour course that taught them to apply the new body cams to their current protocols, procedures, and restrictions.

Soon, if you run into a Potter County Sheriff's Deputy be sure and smile.  You'll be on camera.

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