In the wake of the recent tornadoes across the midwest, these states are praying for a break in the severe weather while the begin clean up and recovery. In Amarillo, we have not had to deal with the severe storms as of yet this year, but we have had our own issues. While others pray for sunshine and warm weather, Amarillo and surrounding areas pray for rain. A hearts and prayers go out to those who have lost homes, lives and loved ones in the recent tornado outbreaks across the country.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- In storm-weary middle America, many people were counting themselves fortunate after powerful storms swept through the region for the third time in four days but apparently claimed no lives.

Dozens of people were injured, mobile homes were flipped and roofs were torn off houses when tornadoes and thunderstorms hit Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and other states Wednesday evening.

In southern Indiana, neighbors used flashlights to check on each other and their homes and barns near Bloomington after powerful winds overturned two mobile homes. Crews worked overnight to clear uprooted trees and downed power lines after a tornado touched down in a mostly rural area about 25 miles south near Bedford.

The extent of the damage wouldn't be known until daybreak, but residents expressed relief that no deaths were reported in the latest round of storms even though several homes were destroyed and more than a dozen people were injured, including three or four children.

"We're very fortunate," said Lawrence County Sheriff Sam Craig.